About Us

 Albany Composite Squadron

is a proud member of Georgia Wing, Civil Air Patrol. The squadron is based just outside of the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport .

We currently have on average 58 cadet members and about 35 senior members. Our members come from all walks of life and provide the squadron with a wide range of skills and diversity we need to carry out and fulfill our missions.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a pilot or have a military background to join our team. Civil Air Patrol has positions for our members regardless of their background, past or current profession or experience, Each member has the ability to contribute to our three main missions.

As an extremely active and key squadron within the Gerogia wing, we focus on our three key missions:

Aerospace Education

The Aerospace Education Program provides aviation related education and educational activities for members, including formal, graded courses about all aspects of aviation including flight physics, dynamics, history, and application. Courses covering the space program, and new technologies and advances in aviation and space exploration, are also available. There are several programs for CAP pilots to improve their flying skills and earn Federal Aviation Administration ratings.

Cadet Programs

The CAP Cadet Program presents a unique opportunity for America’s youth to learn leadership skills, gain knowledge and understanding of aerospace science, develop an appreciation for the importance of life-long physical fitness, and gain reinforcement of their core values through character development.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services is one of Civil Air Patrol’s main missions. As a key squadron within the Georgia wing, we focus ur efforts heavily on training and responding to calls in emergency situations. Civil Air Patrol provides both air and ground teams in response to a variety of situation when called upon.